Emerging Congregations Application

Emerging Congregation status allows you to be listed in the UUA and PWR directories of congregations, published online or in print.

A regional staff member will contact you to advise if you have been accepted for listing as an Emerging Congregation. If you are not accepted, we will help you address the preparation still needed before public listing which will direct seekers to you.

If you have any questions about this application or the process of becoming an Emerging or Member Congregation, contact Rev. Tandi Rogers, 253-278-4646 or trogers@uua.org.

Emerging Congregations Application

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  • Contact Person

  • People

    It is recommended that an Emerging Congregation have at least 15 committed organizers before proceeding.
  • Partners

    Emerging congregations have the best shot when they are partnering with other UU congregations and groups in their wider, extended community.
  • Affirmations

  • We have reviewed the Principles and Purposes of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA) and are moved to pursue formation towards becoming a UUA member congregation.

  • We have reviewed the guiding information for becoming a member congregation and believe that we will, after suitable preparation and outreach to our larger community, be prepared to establish our ministry presence and meet the qualifications for membership.

  • We have met with Rev. Tandi Rogers of the Pacific Western Region to discuss our formation as a member congregation.

  • We are asking individuals who are likely to become charter members to join the Church of the Larger Fellowship or continue active membership in an existing UUA congregation until we join the Unitarian Universalist Association.

  • We have established positive relationship(s) with the nearest member congregation(s). Please attach letters of blessing to this application.

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    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, png, gif, jpeg.
  • We have established a relationship with one or more Mentoring Congregations, whose leaders and members have pledged to assist our formation as a healthy congregation and support our understanding of the commitment we will undertake as a UUA member congregation. Emerging Congregations specialist Tandi Rogers can help make mentor matches if one is not currently in place.

  • We have met with or scheduled a visit with Rev. Sarah Millspaugh Faith Formation specialist to explore how we will support ministry and provide faith development to children, youth and families as well as adults of all ages.

  • We have met with or scheduled a visit with Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kūpono Kwong, Multicultural Transformation Specialist, to explore how we will nurture diversity and to help us understand the work of multicultural welcoming.

  • We will be prepared to contribute our Fair Share towards support of the Association through the Annual Program Fund (APF), as follows:

    Beginning July 1, contributions toward your district assessment and APF will be made in single payments and sent directly to the UUA.

    Mail 2018/19 contribution checks to: UUA APF, P.O. Box 843153, Boston, MA 02284-3153.

    Per-member assessments for districts are MDD ($26), PNWD ($27), PSWD ($28) and PCD ($27.) The UUA APF level remains at $60 per member.

    When congregations affiliate with the UUA, they pledge their support to the Association. Each congregation’s gifts to their district and to the UUA APF are the fulfillment of a promise that has already been made. The 2018/19 combined pledge (district, plus UUA) is designed to help make clear the fact that we are all one Unitarian Universalist Association – bound together in a network of mutual support as an Association of Congregations.

  • Having met all of the above requirements, and believing that we will be able to achieve all the requirements to apply as a UUA Member Congregation (including minimum of 30 voting members) within 2-3 years, we are ready to be recognized as an Emerging Congregation, and to begin receiving others who seek the ministry we will provide, and who may wish to become charter members.

    We understand that our status as an Emerging Congregation will be reviewed by regional staff and our Mentoring Congregation within two years, with the expectation that we will be ready to apply for UUA Membership or will remain in formation for one additional year in order to work purposefully on defined areas of competence and accountability.

    We also understand that if we are not ready for UUA Membership within three years, our Emerging Congregation status will be made inactive until such time that regional staff and our Mentoring Congregation determine we can achieve UUA Membership within one year.